Putting Online Lab Test Results into Your Hands

Putting Online Lab Test Results into Your Hands

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We’re delighted to have you here, looking into one of the great healthcare breakthroughs of the past few years: online lab test ordering that places health test results into your hands.

If you’re familiar with having to wait for a doctor to tell you what tests you might need, then you already know how disempowering the process can be. That’s why we formed Genesis Medical Diagnostics—to give you the power to choose the online blood test orders that are important to you.

Our service is as simple as possible. First, browse through our available online health tests to see which ones are valuable to you, and click the link to purchase them. You’ll receive confirmation, which is just like ordering an at home lab test.

If the test requires a blood sample, take your order confirmation to the closest Quest Blood Lab (you can make an appointment in advance or just walk in), and they’ll take your blood work or sample and send it on to us.

Some tests, like the COVID-19 test, will be sent right to your home where you can easily collect the sample, and return it to our lab.

When your results are ready, you’ll receive them securely, generally within 72 hours of Genesis receiving your samples. It’s as simple as that! You select your lab orders online—everything from a covid 19 test to cancer markers blood tests—and then get at home lab test results instead of having to make an appointment, wait to see a doctor, and then wait again for an appointment to get your results.

Our online lab test ordering is used by people who want to keep track of their health (our men’s health test and women’s health test are very popular), who want to check for drugs that may be prohibited using the drug screen test, or to check for potential indicators of disease using tests like the prostate health test, diabetic health test, or kidney health test.

It’s worth checking our site regularly, as we work hard to bring new safe, accurate, and relevant at home lab testing to you so you can choose the online blood test orders you need to take control of your health.

We know that having accurate, prompt test results can give you peace of mind about your own health. Armed with the results of our tests, you can take a proactive approach to health and wellness. After all, you can’t treat what you don’t know about.

So, whether you want to be armed with knowledge about markers of chronic disease, or you want to get quick results about important health indicators, we’re here to help you get the information you need.

A great place to start is a comprehensive annual test for men and comprehensive annual lab tests for women.

To your health,

– Team Genesis