Giving Women’s Health the Highest Value

Giving Women’s Health


How many times have you heard a woman say, “I don’t have time to be sick!”

We’d love to create a world where women not only enjoy excellent health, but also have the opportunity to slow down, rest, and recover when their health isn’t optimal. After all, humanity would not exist without women, and we all know women who work harder than humanely possible to take care of their worlds!

One thing we can do is encourage women everywhere to have control over their health by offering confidential, accurate, and convenient tests that provide important indicators of health and issues that need addressing.

That’s exactly why we offer a single test called the Women’s Annual Health Check. This check isn’t designed to replace a women’s annual physical with her doctor, but to directly provide her with critical information about her own health.

We also know that many women in our country do not have health insurance. For the purposes of our annual health check, that’s OK! Any woman can order the test online, visit her closest Quest lab to have a blood sample taken, and then directly and confidently receive the results in as little as a few days.


Knowledge is power, and this test gives you knowledge about your health. Here are a few things you’ll learn about your own health, thanks to the test:


  • CBC-This shows info about your red and white blood cells and platelets—often related to weakness, fatigue, infections, your immune system, and disease. A CBC can indicate your general health and warn of potential serious conditions.
  • CMP-A CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel) shows blood sugar levels, and the balance between electrolytes and fluids which are related to kidney function, liver function, and can warn of kidney disease, diabetes, and other diseases.
  • Vitamin D-While we’re still learning a lot about how important Vitamin D levels are to women’s health, we do know that it plays an important role in preventing/treating some cancers and low levels can be related to osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and psychiatric diseases. There is also emerging data on the role Vitamin D may play in protection against COVID-19.
  • Vitamin B12-This vitamin’s nickname is the “energy vitamin” so it’s obvious why we check for Vitamin B12 levels! It’s also important for healthy nerve function, and helping red blood cells transport oxygen through your body. A deficiency is often related to exhaustion and neurological conditions, but it’s easily addressed with supplements and some diet changes.


Our Women’s Annual Health check also tests Lipid Panel, TSH, Hemoglobin A1C, Folate, Urinalysis, and Estradiol. We’ve carefully curated the most important indicators of women’s health and illness, and warning signs that can be addressed to improve your health.

In the past, traditional medicine often took control out of women’s hands. Doctors decided what tests were ordered, when they were ordered, and even how many of the results they would reveal to their patients.

Thanks to new technology that allows for secure and accurate at-home tests, now you have control over your health! We encourage you to follow your heart, get the tests that you feel are important, and feel confident in your decisions!

We’re honored to be a part of your health journey and to support women’s health in every way we can.